I’m Elizabeth and I’ve been vegan since December 2011 in the greater Cleveland area. I’m always very excited to share recipes with friends, especially when they’re unbelievably tasty and quick, and I found myself reciting or emailing recipes so often that it was time to start a blog.

I obviously love cooking and I cook A LOT, but that also means that I’m looking for shortcuts everywhere. Yes, by being a vegan who limits processed food and refined carbohydrates (and notice how I say “limits”, not “eliminates”) I spend a lot of time cooking, but I buy some things pre-cut, pre-diced and pre-juiced so that I can prepare every meal in a natural way and still have time for a normal life. It can be done, and here you will see what I eat to feel the best that I have ever felt in my life. I’ve learned that eating right is more about developing new healthy habits than it is about taking away bad habits. When you start good habits, especially when you are rewarded with wonderful flavor, the bad habits slowly go away.

I’m also in love with Cleveland and I want to help other people realize what great resources we have here for completely fabulous cuisine. Happy eating!

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