Bon Vivant in Larchmere (near Shaker Square)

Bon Vivant opened in June 2012 in what was the old Vine and Bean restaurant. Their food is some of the best in Cleveland and they have multiple vegan options. The atmosphere is adorable because it is in an old house with beautiful woodwork and a nice warm fireplace. The people there are also very nice and it’s always a lovely experience. You should go there this week! 

Bon Vivant Restaurant in Larchmere

Bon Vivant Restaurant in Larchmere

I tried the appetizer of the Puy Lentils with fennel and tomatoes. Like the epitome of French cooking, it was simple ingredients just combined intelligently and cooked perfectly. I normally don’t like fennel but I wanted to try this and it was phenomenal. I mean really phenomenal like I’m wanting to go back soon just so I can have it again. It comes out in a small baking dish with a little lid and bread and vegetables on the side.

For my entree, I got the special which was a vegetable patty made from artichokes, chickpeas, yellow squash, fennel, zucchini, carrots and flax seeds all ground together. It was really excellent as well. In the past I’ve also had the ratatouille and the mushroom strudel and the chocolate mousse (made with silken tofu). C’est magnifique!!

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